my wallet’s name is clairie

I’ve been rather sick of my wallet for a really long time, and so today I decided to make a new one! I used some cloth and padding and basically just folded a rectangle into a few layers and sewed it all in place :)

2014-01-18 14.26.57-1 2014-01-18 14.27.43Presenting Clairie (open and closed)! Clairie rhymes with fairy, by the way.

xoxo, denise



I made a rainbow skirt!

Helloooooo, today I was altering an oversized tshirt, and then I decided that since my sewing machine was already set up… why not sew something else too! So I decided to make a rainbow skirt with some leftover cloth from before. :)

diyskirt1What you need:

  • A piece of cloth (has to be way more than enough to wrap around yourself)
  • Elastic about 2cm wide (a little less than your waist measurements)
  • Thread
  • Needles
  • Bodkin & Safety pin
  • Pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors

A sewing machine and iron is useful too, but I guess you *could* sew the entire skirt by hand, although it might not be very strong. Heh.

diyskirt2So first, iron out your cloth and then fold it in half inside out so that the two short sides are together. Pin these two sides and then sew along the line. I don’t have the special sewing setting which uses two needles, so I just sew the same line twice (as pictured above). Remember that your skirt has to be INSIDE OUT whenever you are sewing it! You should get a kind of tube of cloth.

diyskirt3Then iron both the outer edges in with a double fold so that the edges look neat and don’t fray. The bottom edge can be as short as 1.5cm, but the top edge has to be around 3-4 cm so that there’s enough space for the elastic. Once you’ve ironed your folds, proceed to sew! Since the top edge has quite a long fold in, I sewed both the top and bottom, leaving a big-enough space in the middle to fit the elastic through, but small enough so that it doesn’t move or twist around easily. When you sew the top edge, remember to leave a hole to put the elastic through!

diyskirt4Once you’ve done that, put the skirt aside for awhile and get your bodkin, safety pin and elastic. Attach the bodkin to one end of the elastic and feed it through the gap you left in the skirt’s top edge just now. Keep feeding it until the bodkin comes out of the other end of the gap. At the same time, use the safety pin to attach the other end of the elastic to the skirt so that it’s easier to attach both ends of the elastic together later.

diyskirt5Once the elastic has been fed through the whole top edge, take both edges of the elastic, and making sure that they’re not twisted, place them one of top of the other and sew them together. Sew up and down a few times just to make sure that it’s secure! Then you can sew up the gap that you created just now….


And ta-da! You’re done. Easy, right? :D