Old School Delights

2013-05-16 13.22.02The last 2-3 weeks have been a crazy blur (because of the haze. okay bad pun hehe) with back-to-back camps, a family getaway, and random meetups with people I love, cause I’ll be going off to college in less than a week’s time.

One of the little cafes I visited was Old School Delights, a prettier version of my primary school canteen, and full of nostalgia and good food.

2013-05-16 11.58.33You make your orders by writing them down on a little whiteboard (So genius right, they’ll never forget your orders!). My friend and I ordered a happy selection of food and drinks and had a mini feast.

2013-05-16 12.08.02The average price for one dish is about $5-7 if I remember right, and it’s totally worth it because the food is really quite tasty! :) We had macaroni soup, nasi lemak and a lot of chicken (yay!). For drinks, I had Barley with something (I forgot) and it was suuuuper yummy and refreshing, and my friend had a Bandung Dinosaurus (something like that, it was also really nice)!

But of course… the best part of every meal is:

2013-05-16 12.53.36DESSERT. Just look at this beauty. Chocolate fudge cake. Oh yum. It was heaven. Really. Words cannot describe the immense joy and satisfaction one would experience with just a bite of this cake.

I can already taste it again.

2013-05-16 13.20.09 2013-05-16 13.21.28

At the counter, we were greeted with a pleasant surprise – one of our favourite bible verses on the register! * v * ANDDDDD, we got to write our names on their new set of menus – totally leaving our mark behind.

2013-05-16 13.22.08If you’d like to have lunch here, Old School Delights is located at 215M Upper Thompson Road, Singapore 574349. You can check their website out here!

P.S. I’m terribly sorry for the bad photos, all I had was my phone cause I forgot to bring my dslr out. :(


One thought on “Old School Delights

  1. Good things come in little packages – explorer by day, explorer by night

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