Cake, tea and good conversation

Awhile ago, I went on an adventure with my friend to check out this little cafe in Hougang – Ciel Patisserie. It was a cosy little place, hidden under a sleepy block of flats, perfect for spending a lazy afternoon.

2013-05-01 13.26.33The cakes and tea were pretty affordable (unless like us, you uh, really like cake a lot) and we got a few different cakes to share:

2013-05-01 13.29.40We had two lemon meringue pies (THEY ARE THE BEST I SWEAR), a slice of oreo cheesecake, and a slice of strawberry shortcake. We also had some tea. The cakes were delicious, but the pie was definitely the best.

2013-05-01 13.31.31The interior of the cafe was also really, really pretty. There was space to sit both outside and inside! It was a lovely experience and I will definitely go back there for more lemon meringue pie soon ;) If you live in Singapore and want to check Ciel Patisserie out, their address is Blk 124 Hougang Ave 1, #01-1444 (S) 530124. You can also visit their website for more details!

So…what’s your favourite dessert? :)


2 thoughts on “Cake, tea and good conversation

  1. That lemon meringue pie looks so darling! I want to try it! My favorite dessert…I am a sucker for pumpkin pie and chewy, fudgy brownies. I also can’t say no to French macarons. But what I can NEVER get sick of are Chinese pastries, like egg custard tarts, banana rolls, fresh-baked buns…mmm, yum!

    • Yes oh man we bought it twice, it was that good! Hehe and yes I love macarons too but I’ve never tried pumpkin pie. I just really really like dessert in general. :D

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