A tiny bit of treasure

I came across the cutest shop today, called the paper stone. Sadly, it’s on the other end of the island from where I live… But in any case, I succumbed to the cheery shopkeeper who was showing me all sorts of cute stickers and brought home some goodies!


Stickers (4 for $9.90) , rainbow inkpads (8 for $3.90) and pens ($1.20 each)


Underwater watercolour stickers (close-up)

I especially love this set of stickers because of the watercolour-esque effect and also that they have tiny bits of glitter in them! Soooo pretty.


Animal sketched stickers

And these were just so adorable! They look like they were coloured in using felt-tip pens or coloured pencils. I cannot get over how cute the style of illustration is!

A rainbow of inkpads!

A rainbow of inkpads!

I think these were really worth the money and I can only imagine the hours of fun one can have making fingerprints and doodling all over them! Plus, I now have different coloured ink to test out the stamps I want to DIY.

Black gel ink pens

Black gel ink pens

So that was my little hoard of treasure today. I can never go into a stationery shop and walk out empty handed…



2 thoughts on “A tiny bit of treasure

  1. Hi Denise, thanks for the post on our store. We have 4 outlets now across the island, with more to come — JP, Lot1, NEX, 112 Katong, and soon-to-be-opened Harbourfront Centre. Do come by and check out our new items yeah? :)

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