Animal face shapes

In my many hours spent doodling and being “unproductive” every day, I’ve learnt quite a few things about illustration. (Well, maybe it wasn’t that unproductive after all, eh?) For example, how easy it is to draw animals when you realise what the shapes of their faces are.


First up, we have… the triangle! Pointy at three ends, this is a common shape observed in animals such as foxes, cats, horses, zebras…I think. In fact, it can be used by lots and lots of animals.


Next, we have the circle! This shape can actually be used for almost any animal. It may be pointless, but it’s still pretty useful. Yay for circles!


And third, we have the heart! This is quite a special shape, and is not as common as the other two, but it still serves its purpose in animals like penguins.

Okay, so like, triangles and circles can be used for almost any animal. What was the point (no pun intended) of this post again?


6 thoughts on “Animal face shapes

  1. Awesome post! I’m not big on drawing animals, but I must keep this in mind the next time I try! I love the illustrations, by the way. They are adorable.

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