Les Miserables + New layout

I watched Les Miserables the other day, and I think I can safely say that it is one of my favourite movies/musicals ever! I love all the songs and the acting. I think the casting was quite perfect. They focused on all the right bits.

(Warning: May have spoilers)

And so of course, I had to do the obligatory ship of Eponine and Marius and read fanfic and find fanvids and posts about them and feel depressed that it will never be and do you hear the fangirls scream. It’s probably the first heterosexual ship in years too! But really, it was just so sad. :'(


Yeah, pretty much devastated fangirl all the way, until I came across several parodies and fan-made videos that were just totally hilarious. For example:

Oh yes, and I can’t stop singing all the songs. I think my favourites are One Day More and On My Own. I especially love singing all the different parts too!

So.. does anyone else have a favourite les mis song too? :)

P.S. I updated some bits and bobs on my blog, like the pages over on the left… and the background… and some pictures here and there. Hehe.


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